Our research is situated within 4 interrelated work packages:

  1. Regional Energy Learning Alliance (RELA): Building critical mass towards meeting research and practical challenges of energy access in African contexts through the establishment of an international network. For example, in 2021 CESET mapped out the higher education programmes that teach energy-related skills in Ethiopia - view map
  2. The Political Economy of Community Energy Systems (CESs) in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique: Aimed at delivering a regional analysis of the political economy of energy in the region and identifying points of intervention considering international aid, national policies, and the operation of sub-national actors.
  3. The Landscape of CESs in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique: Delivering a programme of multi-scalar research to provide an overview of the status of CESs projects in every country and map their diversity to unpack concepts of fit, community, and transition in these contexts
  4. A Community Energy Laboratory: Creating a Community Energy Laboratory – a non-commercial microgrid within the city of Maputo – serving as a practical demonstration site to deliver theoretical and empirical evidence into what works for CESs.