New legislation aims to change the energy sector in Mozambique, but will it have any impact?

13th September, 2021

Dr. Fatima Arthur delivered a presentation to the CESET team on the two new pieces of legislation that are currently being discussed in Mozambique. As previous professional at Electricidade de Moçambique, Mozambiques power utility, Fatima drew upon her expert knowledge to provide an overview of historical developments in energy policy in Mozambique. 

Fatima outlined the potential impact of the new Electricity Law that would replace the law passed in 1997. A new Law is needed as there are now many more actors involved in energy production that need to be regulated. Additionally, the new Law should promote private investment to attract greener technical solutions and to attract more funding to the electrification program. The ultimate goal is to provide universal access to electricity to Mozambicans by 2030, also noting that access to energy continues to be one of the priorities linked to job creation, environmental sustainability and the promotion of social cohesion and national unity.

Then, Fatima outlined the current proposals for the new Electricity Law, and the off grid regulation. CESET was given the opportunity to participate in the consultation process. They provided feedback to the Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis, who compiled all the comments from stakeholders and submitted them in a single document to the Autoridade Reguladora de Energia, the independent energy regulator. Read CESET’s feedback.

Fatima has summarised comments from various stakeholders (AMER) and CESET on the new legislation, showing that there is need for improvements. See below. 

Finally, a review of current plans for renewable energy in Mozambique, and a reflexion paper on fiscal issues, was presented briefly to the group, showing the encouraging dynamism that this investment sector is now experiencing.